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"One of the photographer’s eyes looks through the viewfinder while the other, the closed one, looks into your own soul."

Henri Cartier-Bresson



Kersten Kämpfer

Fine Arts

"It is my idea, my conception of art to create something with my hands that is an expression of what I see and feel."

Andrea Dublaski


A professional combination of unique photography, exciting and informative travel blogs, impressive multi-vision shows & live reports, videography (drone + timelapse) and digital art. By photographer and artist Andrea Dublaski from Meckenbeuren on Lake Constance, the founder of the photography and art label Spicy Artworks.

"Spicy Artworks" and Andrea Dublaski: Both are me and myself. This label is not some anonymous company, but a real name in the truest sense of the word. It stands for what I do with passion and desire - offering in the market. About me and my personal motives you'll learn a little more below on this page ("ABOUT ME").

The slogan of Spicy Artworks is "5 Arts in One". Yes, it is in English again. As so often not in German, do you think so ?! But sometimes this language just hits the right thing to express in a very short term. I do not have a focus on a single "Sort of Photo & Art", but rather 5 different artistic forms of expression under one roof: Photography. Plus Digital Art pictures (photo collages and compositions), Paintings, Marble Carvings and life-size paper maché sculptures.

There was the beginning in 2017 with all its goals, expectations and fears. Does it all work that way? What should one say? It has changed a lot since my start and has done a lot of positive things. The range of my portfolio has almost expanded as if by itself: The focus is clearly on photography in all its many facets: Cool-creative shots (often high-quality on Alu-Dibond presented), Photo Art, images in high-key black and white format (= strong contrasts ), Timelapse- and drone video clips, photo exhibitions and more recently live reports in multivision optics (you can also say photo / film lectures) in selected locations. Plus an attractive newsletter (without advertising) and last but not least the exciting and extensive SpicysBlog on this website - consisting of many travel blog entries, photo reports, blog articles on the topics "People of the World" and "Personal Stories"). Social Media: You can explore Spicy Artworks on two fan pages in Facebook and additionally on Instagram.

What did I recently find out from a marketing professional about me: Everything created, designed and shown with great emotional passion. This is Spicy Artworks. This is me.

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Andrea | 12 Apr 2019, 18:00

There they are, our Lofoten location favorites, and we think we are not at all alone with that: Reine, Hamnoy and Sakrisoy (with crooked rocks, the "M" and a guardian spirit spreading both arms), Henningsvaer with a football field…

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Andrea | 12 Apr 2019, 18:00

In such a place you will like it to hang around. So you could also call the scenery to be found almost everywhere on the Lofoten. It smells (if this word describes it correctly, you sometimes do not know exactly ....) here very…

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Andrea | 12 Apr 2019, 18:00

As if the Alps had fallen into the sea, so the mountains of the northern Norwegian group of islands protrude from the North Sea. In other words, the Lofoten Islands seem to have flooded the Alps to a height of 3,000 m.

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Hey, nice that you are here. Welcome. My name is Andrea.

2016. Not really long ago. It was a lifelong dream come true for me. I invented the label "Spicy Artworks" on a beautiful Jamaican beach with turquoise sea in front of it - my long-awaited, unique mix of photography, freedom and art. Since then I`m on the way building my own business and enjoying my passion for photography and making movies/videos to the fullest. My husband Matthias supports me with advice and action. Actually, I had learned something completely different in the past and did it for many, many years. A really colorful mixture of professions up to the last 20 years head of "blue dsign", my cute graphic and web design agency. For ten years now we live cozy and satisfied in our bright orange-yellow house in Meckenbeuren near Lake Constance and the Alps. And from here all the things are starting with full engagement. It takes a lot of courage and staying power, but it will. I can not get enough of it. And it's great fun for two and totally cool.

It is ingenious of course, if individual or single pictures can be linked or connected in terms of content. This is extremely exciting, because they get in this connection a new own sense. I am happy when I manage to convey by means of the photos those emotions and feelings that I have when photographing in some, very special moments. 


For example to see and experience people and animals in unique natural surroundings and dreamlike landscapes. But with my photography I also send small messages, I want to inspire, stimulate the imagination and ask to do something meaningful and positive for and on this planet. Sometimes my dark side of provocation comes through. That must be at this time. Does not matter, right ?!

Throughout my life I've traveled, looking for adventures and ways to learn from cultures and people, and to do unknown things unknown together with them, especially those that are very different from my own life circumstances. Photography became more and more a good explanation for me to look deeper and to intensify my experiences. I also find it exciting to focus on details and particularities, on bizarre and strange things that are hidden, which one has to look for in order to convey, show, and guide them to others. And I like to take realistic pictures of people who work in unique, challenging environments or live in close contact with nature.

I have found my way. And I'm very happy about it.


I look forward to meeting you in person. Where you meet me personally on Lake Constance or how you can contact me, you will find a little further down. Just call or write an email. Or we make an appointment in a place of your choice - no problem.

As a matter of principle all photos and digital art images that you see on this website can be purchased by you. I will gladly inform you of the price on request. The most beautiful are these pictures to the validity, if you give them the right "frame". You can order the same with me in (almost) all sizes; advice by me is self-evident and inclusive. For example an exciting photo as a large mural or as a photo poster. That gives it as

  • MULTITALENT ALU-DIBOND. Direct printing on aluminum. Thin, stable, resistant to bending, weather-resistant and incredibly sharp
  • ACRYLGLASS. High-quality, incredible color and depth effect
  • Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish. Elegant-noble, an extraordinary and at the same time effective look
  • GALLERY PRINT. The combination of direct printing on acrylic glass and reinforcing aluminum dibond plate creates a unique effect
  • PHOTO CANVAS. With a natural, fine canvas structure plus a noble and at the same time stylish look in gallery quality
  • FOAM PLATE. Extremely light, stable and weather-resistant
  • SHADOW GAP FRAME. Gallery look with special framing

You are also welcome to buy one of my marble objects or papier mâché sculptures or a picture painted by me.

Andrea Dublaski

Töpferweg 8,
88074 Meckenbeuren - Germany

Email: dublaski(at)spicy-art.works
Fon:  + 49 (160) 7174 186

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