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"One of the photographer’s eyes looks through the viewfinder while the other, the closed one, looks into your own soul."

Henri Cartier-Bresson


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Hey, nice that you are here. Welcome. My name is Andrea.

2016 a lifelong dream came true for me. I invented the label "Spicy Artworks" on a beautiful Jamaican beach with turquoise sea in front of it - my long-awaited, own mixture of  freedom, photography, film and art. Since then, I've been enjoying my passion for photography and filming to the fullest and have successfully expanded my business. My husband Matthias supports me with words and deeds. Actually, I had learned something completely different in the past and did it for many, many years. A really colorful mixture of professions up to the last 20 years head of "blue dsign", my cute graphic and web design agency. Now we're living cozy and satisfied in our bright orange-yellow house in Meckenbeuren near Lake Constance and the Alps. And from here all the things are starting with full engagement. And it's great fun for two and totally cool.

What drives me in that way? It's the unbridled visual power of images. The stories before and after. I make photos, films and videos that show special, sad, beautiful, happy, memorable events, situations, backgrounds.

I am happy when I can convey emotions and feelings with the help of my photos that I felt myself in some very special moments while taking pictures. See and experience people and animals up close in unique nature and dreamy landscapes. But also send small messages, inspire, stimulate the imagination and ask to do something meaningful and positive for and on this planet.


I've traveled the world a lot in my life, always looking for adventures and ways to learn from cultures and people and to do things with them that I haven't seen before. Photography always gave me the opportunity to look deeper and make my experiences more intense. But also to put the photographic focus on details and peculiarities, bizarre and strange things that are hidden, that one has to look for. And I like to photograph people who work in challenging environments or who live in close contact with nature. As they are in reality. I've found my way and I'm very happy about it.


Andrea Dublaski

Spicy Artworks

Töpferweg 8
88074 Meckenbeuren

Email: dublaski at spicy-art.works

Fon: +49 160 7174186