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THE COLOR OF PURPLE OR THE PERFUME OF THE FIELDS - PROVENCE 2017 - Part 1: Between Lavender fields and vineyards

Andrea | 28.08.2017 | | France

Today I am writing the travel blog in a bit different way. Since the feelings and impressions of this phototour on the famous Lavender road were so intense and powerful, I decided to describe them at the beginning only briefly and concisely, as well as bundled as experienced: Indescribable fragrances of nature: Honey in all variations, Lavender blossoms, olives, green freshly mowed grass and hay, colorful fragrant mountain flower blossoms, Provence flavored plants and herbs, homemade Banon goat cheese, black-thick espresso (so called "café") Apricots and velvety-dark peaches

+  The color purple in various color gradations: from very deep-dark-purple to light-violet

+  The earth colors rusty, yellow and green as if they had just come out of the color pot

+  Golden crops growing in the wind

+  Cracking, super hot asphalt that bursted open as you drove over. Or stick to the shoes when you ran over it.

+  Totally friendly French men and French women, who even spoke English in the middle of nowhere

+  In almost every village or town a more or less large, beautiful church high up on a huge rock boulder or mountain, sometimes built on monstrous walls

+  Dreamlike Mediterranean-style villages that seem to "glue" at mountain tops

+  Divine-fresh, light apricot-colored and ice-cold Vin Rosé

+  Wonderful fresh, brilliant tasting croissants with a fragrant espresso / café

+  So many different, new-French and even tasty sorts of beer - even "pressión"

+  An incredibly clean country there, with waste separation, 1000 paper baskets, all cleared up incl. (public) toilets

+  Affordable menus for evening dinner until late into the night

+  Very ruthless car and motorcycle riders

+  Hundreds of cyclists in the mountains who want to join the Tour de France - from young to old.

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