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THE COLOR OF PURPLE OR THE PERFUME OF THE FIELDS - PROVENCE 2017 - Part 2: The land of the real Lavender

Andrea | 28.08.2017 | | France

I learned at the beginning of the tour something very important: There is real and there is "fake" Lavender. Totally 20 different varieties. The first is called "lavandula angustifolia" and the second "lavandin". The Genuine is known as a winter hardy plant mainly because of its beautiful fragrance, which is used both in the cosmetics industry as well as in the fight against clothes moths or during cooking. More specifically, this essential oil is obtained directly from the plant. By the way, it grows only from an altitude of 1,200 m. In the open nature exclusively in the Mediterranean region from the southern Provence of France to Greece and the Balkans. The so called "fake" Lavender is a hybrid form of the plant, a cross between real and the Speik lavender, which is particularly large-leaved. The plant material derived therefrom can be toxic to fatal in high doses, which is why it should only be used for external application - for example as creams or in fragrance lamps.

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