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THE COLOR OF PURPLE OR THE PERFUME OF THE FIELDS - PROVENCE 2017 - Part 3: The Lavender path in the paradise garden of Eden

Andrea | 28.08.2017 | | France

It is unbelievable, but it is true: Once you have taken over the French composure and calmness as well as the associated enjoyment characteristics, you quickly will feel like in paradise. There are so many fruit and vegetable stands on the roadside, where you can eat fresh blackberries, creamy honey, Lavender patè and huge garlic tubers all at the most affordable prices. Or the long-stretched, small streetcafes almost in every little village and their hard metal chairs, where you will see newspaper reading, smoking men with a glass of rosé or coffee early in the morning. Everything and everyone is in a slow modus, more comfortable, more stress-free. What is not going today will work tomorrow.

The high plateaus, which are spoiled by sunlight, have always given a mosaic-like appearance to agriculture and cattle breeding. Here is the true cradle of lavender. Manual and mechanical harvesting have just begun, and the Lavender flagrance flows out of the distilleries. This testifies of a skill handed down and longtime experience by the ancestors - the processing of the plant into essential oil.

Be careful, if you are planning such a trip, take a good look at where and when the lavender is harvested in the various regions of the Provence. So you will stand in front of a huge field to see nothing of that wonderful color called purple.....! Only spherical, grassy puddles are left behind. Each village and town has its own Lavender fields. Usually at the end of the harvest. Closing with all the splendor is the 15th of August every year. Bloosom start of the Lavender is mostly mid-June.


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