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IT DOES NOT GET ANY MORE COLORFUL - Peru 2016 - Part 5: Amazons's Blackwater in the north-east of Peru

Andrea | 16.02.2017 | | Peru

We fly from Cusco via Lima to Iquitos over the Andes to the Northeast region of Peru, where the enormous and famous Amazon River is located. It's damp and muggy when we get out of the airplane. In the 500,000 city called Iquitos - surrounded by four rivers like an oasis - at least 30,000 Tuk-Tuks (they are called "Mosquitos of the City") and colored wooden / aluminum buses remind us of big Asian cities. Those vehicles are not "ordinary" vehicles. They drive like dare devils, but we do not see any accidents. A mixture of Indians, Chinese and Orogin-Peruvians lives here. Here, everything in their life and culture is more open and free than the rest of Peru. As they say, this is probably a result of different histories brought together by a variety of humanity.

In Nauta, a small port, we are changing to an adventurous boat, which finally brings us to our romantic eco-lodge on the banks of the Amazon River. Next to it the subtropical rain forest or more precisely the jungle. We are alone. Other guests are - what luck - not present. Thunderstorms and warm rain in the afternoon. Everything stands in a huge contrast to the previously visited places in Peru and immediately captivates us.

We make boat trips through small river streams and take photos as much as we can….. A special highlight is the tour through the so-called Spiegelwald, for which the region is known. Pitch-black water with white-silver light reflections, soft shapes and lines. Simply fantastic, sometimes even surreal. We produce many time-lapse videos: Thunderstorms with brilliant, long flashes, the Milky Way, weather lights, running water, beautiful sunsets. Once we we were caught in a downpour and storm in the middle of the Amazon river. All of us are soaked but luckily our camera equipment is not. What a blessing!


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