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HOMELESS - US 2017 - Part 3

Andrea | 25.05.2017 | | USA

I've seen so many of all of them in the five weeks during my tour through the US-Southwest: Probably addicted to drugs, alcohol-dependent, job lost, abandoned family, abandoned life. They talked with their mirror image in shop windows, screamed to cars, phoned with hand-made cardboard or plastic handys, or talked to a tree where Jesus lived.

I do not know their personal or individual stories, their destinies, or their chosen path. Every now and then I shared my beer with a homeless man or wife and they told a little. Happy to know that someone spoke to them.

I do not want to hurt their personality sphere or even denounce it. It's all about the extent to which US America has changed. It is my personal view and my personal impression.

The photos tell their own stories.

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