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CONTRASTS PURE - USA 2017 - Part 1: Monoliths & Monuments of Rocks

Andrea | 22.04.2017 | | USA

"We're hearing the silence again!" - This sentence we often whispered on this tour. Now everyone will say how can you "hear" silence at all? We have known this phenomenon since our holidays in Namibia: You are standing or sitting in the wild nature. Completely alone. And you definitely do not hear anything. Only the murmuring of the blood in your own ears and the pounding of your heart. At this moment, you can "hear" the silence. An emotionally moving moment. Peace and quietness. Being alone. Freedom. And so beautiful.

In contrast to the huge stone monoliths - e.g. in the Monument Valley or in the Arches National Park (NP) - we ourself looked so small, almost deserted. You became very quickly aware of your short life. It has been necessary thousand of years to create these remnants of past high plateaus. The most irrational forms and arches were made, such as, for example, the "Elephant Rock" in the Zion NP or the "Three Sisters". The incredibly deep sandstone canyons with their colorful iridescent colors in the light of the sun. It is even more colorful in the narrow slots e.g. in the two Antelope Canyons (extremely expensive tickets!): From deep orange to purple you will find there - with corresponding by "outside" sun - dreamlike curved stone structures and windings. At all the sandstone was the essential foundation for all these rock formations. A highlight was surely the bright orange rock gate called "Mesa Arche". early in the morning (sunrise) right at the edge of the very deep Colorado canyon. "I am so small and only one day there!". With these words, a young Asian woman tried to stand directly in front of our tripod. But she did not succeed.

If you would look at many "rocks", which were so imaginatively shaped, once in a while, you would certainly get the most imaginative titles and names for it. With this incomprehensible special offer the fame of the time-honored Grand Canyon faded a bit. And finally, these fantastic and magnificent stone and prairie landscapes were once the land of the Apaches and Navajos. If you stand there, you could imagine how they rode over the steppes and hunted animals. The perfect Winnetou and Wild West country. And ingeniously suitable for a lot of panoramic photo shots.

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