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CONTRASTS PURE - USA 2017 - Part 2: The white trees of Sedona

Andrea | 22.04.2017 | | USA

A big surprise was the discovery of Sedona in the Red Rock Country. The little town - 100 km south of the southern entrance of the Grand Canyon - was located in the middle of a round basin and is fantastically embedded in beautifully shaped rusty red monoliths and the steep walls of a big canyon.Sedona was actually meant only as a transit station for a simple overnight stay. But we met a tidy, clean and really cute town with attractive restaurants and great hotels. And in the middle of the town, styled as a small "Mexican village", you'd find a kind of artist district called "Arts & Craft Village Tlaquepaque" with exciting shops. A lot of outdoor activities such as a walk to the "Devils Bridge" (s. below). The picturesque Oak Creek flows through that town, framed by wintery, odd-colored light gray-white trees. Always worth for a visit.

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