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CONTRASTS PURE - USA 2017 - Part 5: 50 degrees Celsius difference in temperature

Andrea | 23.04.2017 | | USA

We had this experience when we drove from Bryce Canyon (night temperature: - 25 C.) south to Death Valley (+ 25 C.). These were only about 500 km, not more! Those variations in temperature on a large scale have accompanied us on the whole tour. Otherwise - execpt of a hurricane or tornado - we have probably noticed all kinds of weather. Wonderful white cumulus clouds in the bright blue sky, very wet fog in the midst of the clouds on the slopes of Mt. Palomar, heavy rain at Lone Pine, snow-white snow, spherical sleet, thunderstorms, rainbows, pure sun in Death Valley, icy stormy times at Dante's View and a overlook at Bryce, a small vortex near the Area 51, slushy wheather on gravelroads and ice on the highways. More or less everything. Well, we had the right clothes with us.


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