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IT DOES NOT GET ANY MORE COLORFUL - Peru 2016 - Part 6: The animals and plants!

Andrea | 16.02.2017 | | Peru

What can I say?! As we venture out to spot them, we successfully photographe many of them: Pink and gray river dolphins, snow-white cow herons, river turtles, skull-head monkeys, colorful iridescent dragonflies, sloths, very (swift) flying birds of prey, brown or pitch-black eagles and vultures, Loros (green Parrots). Eluding our lens were the Aras (colorful parrots), grass-green lizards, sun-kissing iguanas, restless butterflies (by far the best was the "Blue Morpho" - also he did not want to be photographed), biting giant ants, majestic Andean Condors and - of course omnipresent - Mosquito females. Such as animal photography is and remains exceptional!


There is also a small jungle hike. What have we sweated! Everything only in pure green and brown. A few good macros have come out.

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