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IT DOES NOT GET ANY MORE COLORFUL - Peru 2016 - Part 7: Small people

Andrea | 16.02.2017 | | Peru

The Peruvians, both men and women are of very small stature, all with pitch-black hair, no blondes. Their skin is burnt brown and tanned like leather by the ceaseless sun - always very friendly, always a smile for the white-skinned Europeans. Hospitality goes above and beyond anything, whether they are very poor or not. They like to eat potatoes, corn, vegetables, hot chili, guinea pigs and super-sweet things. 


The children and the old people of Peru are THE MOTIFS at all. I think this could be captured in a separate photo book or in a very special picture and video presentation.

And finally with a heavy heart, exhausted and tired, but delighted and with tens of thousands of pictures in our pockets, we fly back home after 14 wonderful days. It was just magnificent.

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