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IT DOES NOT GET ANY MORE COLORFUL - Peru 2016 - Part 2: The Flight of the Condor

Andrea | 27.01.2017 | | Peru

The tripod is now fixed, and we drive to the second-deepest canyon in the world, the Colca Valley, which goes down over 3,000 m. We do not actually see this elevation. We drive through the Cordillera de Chilla over the 5,000 m high Andenpass Patapampa. Very thin air up here. To prevent altitude sickness we have previously drunk teas made from fresh green Coca leaves and taken a mysterious pill given by our guide, however, it does not help one hundred percent:  Some of us freeze in the night, some have headaches in the morning, others have blocked sinuses or are dizzy. Everything here moves at a much slower pace. 

The first species of "cameloids” - sorry, I apologize of course, lamas, alpacas and vicunjas, just ahead on the edge of the road. In my excitement I do not photograph clear photos..... We are now again at 3.600 m altitude, where our beautiful hotel is located in Corporaque. A time lapse of the smoky volcano called Sabancaya. Finally an interesting Peruvian dinner and a first Pisco Sour. The bed is calling us.

In the Colca Valley there were people with long, narrow heads and with broad, flat heads, which they created themselves. Unbelieveable! There is no such thing today - what a luck. Then we see the Cruz del Condor and even though there are many tourists, we manage to take photos without having them visible in our shot. The huge bird of prey has a wingspan of 3.20 m. It is majestic how it flies above and around the deep canyon. Difficult to photograph, it is humorous to see many tourists with only mobile phones or iPads attempting to photograph this incredible animal. In my opinion this simply will not work.

In the late afternoon we visit Josefina and her young son. She is a farmer with a beautiful face. We milk a cow (with her direction) in the middle of a dusty Andean field and (after that) feed her miniature pigs with thick beans.

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