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IT DOES NOT GET ANY MORE COLORFUL - Peru 2016 - Part 3: Cusco - home of the sun temple Sexy Woman

Andrea | 27.01.2017 | | Peru

We take a panoramic train to Aguas Calientes, a small village nestled in a very narrow valley that exists only because it is the gateway to one of the seven new world wonders. The landscape changes into subtropical; everything is suddenly green. Surrounded by high, steep and jagged Andean Alps, the town Macchu Picchu was built on a huge mountain by the Incas. Perfect clouds, sun, blue sky. We take hundreds of photos, panorama pictures and timelapse videos and we can not see enough of this location. All are very passionate and awe inspired. It is a divine, majestic place - provided with a million high stone rock steps. In earlier times almost 1,500 Inca lived and studied plant growth and astrology. 

Incomprehensibly and unforgettable how these people managed to build such structures there at all. On the way back to Cusco through a dreamlike, beautiful landscape - bathed in warm sunlight - we are unable to capture the sheer magnitude of what we see with our cameras as motifs after motifs. Otherwise we would have to stop continually. In front of us the bright and blending salt terraces of Maras are still visible in our lenses, which possess every imaginable white earth tone. In the early evening we exhausted into bed.

Am nächsten Tag statten wir einem zweiten Inka-Sonnentempel in Ollantaytambo (ich finde diesen Namen einfach toll), der als Getreidespeicher und Experimentierstätte für Astrologie und die Fauna diente, unseren Besuch ab. Dann fahren wir hoch in zwei einsame Bergdörfer namens Willoq und Patacancha. Wir dürfen dort die wirklich sehr einfach lebenden Menschen - nach vorheriger, vorsichtiger Kontaktaufnahme - ein wenig erleben. Victoria, Nicolesa, Felicitasa und Margarita zeigen uns ihre Arbeit und ihre Höfe. Sie wirken trotz ihrer Armut zufrieden und irgendwie glücklich.

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